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Sujal Foods, a biggest confectionery manufacturing and marketing company in Nepal, is the flagship subsidiary company of Laxmi Group. Having its fold over 5 leading brands in different product categories, company holds more than 60% market share from its entire portfolio.  Sujal Food has a humble mission to make premium confectioneries. It centers itself in Cocoa based confectioneries, Strip gums, Toffees, Lollypops and Bubble gums.   Sujal foods is a major contribu

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Recent Product Launch

Sujal Foods production resumes maintaining WHO’s Safety Standards
Sujal Foods is conscious about the health of all our stakeholders. It is our top priority. Thus, all our team is ready t

Love Birds Rs 2 Chocolate Premium Toffee now available at market
Sujal Foods have presented Love Birds Rs 2 in the market.  Love Birds Rs 2 is a premium chocolate toffee made with

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