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Recent Campagin/Product Launch

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Recent Product Launch

Sujal Foods production resumes maintaining WHO’s Safety Standards

Sujal Foods is conscious about the health of all our stakeholders. It is our top priority. Thus, all our team is ready to support the Clients and collaborators, providing the same efficiency and great quality of the work. Fortunately, we have all necessary resources to maintain a work-from-home activity and working at office considering the WHO’s standard, without disruptions. So please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance. We will handle any of your urgent issues. ...View More

Love Birds Rs 2 Chocolate Premium Toffee now available at market

Sujal Foods have presented Love Birds Rs 2 in the market.  Love Birds Rs 2 is a premium chocolate toffee made with rich chocolate with prefect blend of Sweetness. The prefect combination of sweetness and chocolate with the smooth texture will give you heavenly experience of the toffee cherishing your day and fill up the atmosphere with love. Love Birds Chocolate Premium Toffee is manufactured using the world’s latest state-of-art technology, in extremely hygienic condition delivering ...View More

Sujal Foods Introduce Chocofun Rolls

​Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd. has recently launched Chocofun Rolls in the market in Wafer Rolls category. Chocofun Rolls is the country’s first baked wafer rolls that are baked to crisp outside and creamy at the core. It is filled with rich and flavorful cream. Chocofun Rolls are available in Strawberry, Vanilla & Coconut cream flavors. These indulging rolls are crunchy on the outside and luscious delectable creamy flavor inside. Every bite will melt in your mouth. It’s delicious crea...View More

Chocofun's Quality Acknowledged Internationally with Prestigious DLG Award

Chocofun, the flagship product of Sujal Foods, Nepal's biggest and leading confectionery manufacturing company of Nepal, has received the prestigious and internationally acclaimed "DLG Silver Award". For over 17 years, Chocofun's chocolate enrobed crispy wafer has been delighting children all over Nepal. With this award, the taste and quality of Chocofun has been acknowledged internationally. DLGAward is an annual award provided by Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft, Frankf...View More

Rasilo Candy - "Chatpata Swadilo, Pachaucha Sajilo"

Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd., a leading confectionery company of Nepal, has recently launched an advertising campaign for its popular candy Rasilo. It is a hard-boiled candy offering Chatpata taste along with the herbal benefits that aids in digestion. The product is very popular amongst kids and youth.  The campaign features celebrity actor Deepak Raj Giri in the lead role with the theme “Chatpata Swadilo, Pachaucha Sajilo”. The actor has been first time casted in a magician role brin...View More