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Choco Fun Rolls Out Its Great Taste in New Package with a New Campaign

•    Sujal Foods' Chocofun is launched in an exciting new packaging.
•    The packaging embodies the fun and excitement value that the great taste of Chocofun delivers to the children all over Nepal
•    Company has also launched a new advertising campaign to address the Chocofun admirers
•    The new campaign is themed "HurkidaiChha Nepal, Chocofun Ma Ramaudai" and it carries the emotional value and nostalgia of childhood that Chocofun gives to its lovers.

Sujal Foods, one of Nepal's biggest and leading confectionery manufacturing company, has brought its flagship product, Chocofun, in new shape and packaging with a new promotional campaign. For over 15 years,Chocofun's chocolate enrobed crispy wafer has been delighting children all over Nepal. It's rich taste of chocolate, and exciting crispy bite of the wafer has been providing nostalgia of childhood to many people even today.

As such, this same feeling of childhood memories, joys and excitement has been embodied by the new advertising campaign of the chocolate brand, which carries the message that "HurkidaiChha Nepal, ChocofunMa Ramaudai" (Nepal is Growing, Enjoying the Fun Taste of Chocofun). Furthermore, the company has also decided to add to the fun and excitement that relates to the taste of Chocofun with a brand new packaging.

The new packaging,Chocofun now offers its new enhanced taste in a new pack which consists of glittery designs as well as latest-technology metallic and hologram wrapper. The new packaging builds up on the childhood values of joys, excitement and a colorful life with its brand new,stylish and trendy, metallic and hologram wrapper that has been manufactured by employing latest technology. This should provide children all over Nepal with additional aspirational value toward the chocolate brand they have come to love over the years. It also incorporates the feeling of going with the change, and staying trendy while at the same time maintaining the tradition of providing quality taste.

With the new advertising campaign themed "HurkidaiChha Nepal, Chocofun Ma Ramaudai", Chocofun attempts at addressing the children of our country who love the taste of Chocofun, and for whom, the rich taste of Chocofun has been one of the best parts about their childhood. It also tries to embody the feeling that every growing child has enjoyed the taste of Chocofun and is an important part of their wholesome childhood. With this sweet and emotional message, company wants to reiterate its presence in the chocolate market, and among the emotions of children in Nepal. These messages come out in the form of a beautiful and fun-filled television commercial in which we see various kids playing around, dancing, and enjoying in the great taste of Chocofun.
The same imagery has been carried forward in various promotional mediums such as Print, Television, Radio, as well as in Outdoor mediums such as hoardings, dangler, gates, etc. Regarding radio communication, a very emotional and catchy jingle has been developed to set the mood of the advertising message. The jingle is simple and carries the fun factor that children seek and enjoy.

Chocofun has been delighting the taste buds of people in Nepal with its 3 layers of crunchy and crispy wafer, which are combined by chocolate cream, and finished with delicious chocolate enrobing. It is the flagship brand of the company launched in the year 1999 at MRP of Rs.5. Within a year the brand was established as a leader and continuously building its market.

About Sujal
Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Laxmi Group, has been manufacturing and marketing confectionery products since last four decades offering the best quality confectioneries and it is country’s number 1 confectionery company with a dominant market share. Company has been manufacturing international standard Wafers, Toffees, Candies, Bubble gum and Stick gum. Company owns the most iconic confectionery brands of Nepal: Chocofun, Sujal gum, Sujal Éclairs, Candyman, Fresho and Lovebirds in its portfolio that has been favorite of millions for many years.

Sujal Foods is confident that the younger generations kids who are filled with energy and creativity will certainly love Chocofun  in new outlook and in new thematic communication.

Thanks and regards,

Marketing Department
Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd.