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Chocofun is a chocolate enrobed wafer. It consists of 3 layers of crunchy and crispy wafer which are combined by chocolate cream and finished with delicious chocolate enrobing. It is the flagship brand of the company launched in the year 1999 at MRP of Rs. 5. Within a year the brand was established as a leader and continuously building its market.
Today, Chocofun has able to create a separate industry for wafer segment itself and became confectionery icon of the country in no time. It is the dominant player in the market with overwhelming market share.
The brand is unanimously popular amongst teens and equally liked by other age group as well. The brand signifies its proposition from its name itself. Being chocofun is all about chocolate and all different kind of fun that it incubates.
It is packaged in pleasing red and yellow color, branding in sky blue color and finished in metalized air and moisture proof packaging. It is available in all the retail outlets across the country.

​Available SKU
24 Packets x 18pcs