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“ChocofunBal-Batika”Inaugurated at Children Protection Home, Sifal, Kathmandu


ChocofunBal-Batika”Inaugurated at Children Protection Home, Sifal, Kathmandu"
Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd., Nepal's biggest and leading confectionery manufacturing company has inaugurated a playground naming “Chocofun Bal-Batika”at Children Protection Home (CPH), branch of Nepal Children Organization (Bal Mandir) at Sifal, Kathmandu, amidst a ceremony. For over 17 years, company’s flagship brand Chocofun, chocolate enrobed crispy wafer, has been spreading smile among children all over Nepal. “Chocofun Bal-Batika” is another endeavor to provide happiness and smileto under-privileged children taking shelter at the CPH.

“ChocofunBal-Batika” is beautifully constructed inan area within CPH premises. Playground equipments, viz. a big slide, a double seated see-saw and a swing, have been installed in the playground. The wall adjoining the playground is painted with vibrant characters that depict children enjoying in the playground. The playground is fenced with rubber tyres, painted in various colors, which has even more added to the beauty of the playground. High quality natural grass is planted on the ground for the natural look and feel as well asfor the safety of children. All the playing equipments have been installed very carefully and the materials used are selected primarily focusing on the safety of the children.Childrenresiding at the CPH can easily enjoy or have fun in the ChocofunBal-Batika. It is believed that the playground will be beneficial for the overall development of the children there.

Chocofun is one of the most popular Nepalese brands amongst the children. Hence, Chocofun’s CSR has also focused on the children’s well-being and overall development. Our social initiatives aim to improve the quality of life of the communities we serve and contribute to the well-being of children and bring fun fullness and happiness in to their lives. We intend to extend the construction of such playgrounds to Nepal Children Organization’s (Bal Mandir) other branches as well in the future.We believe in longevity and sustainability of our CSR activities. So, we are committed to take care of the maintenance of the playground as well. Similarly, we aim to involve our CSR activities in other children related areas like Child Health, Children Food and Nutrition and Environment as well in the future.

Chocofun has been delighting the taste buds of Nepalese with its chocolate enrobed crunchy and crispy wafer. It is the flagship brand of Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd., launched in the year 1999.Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Laxmi Group, has been manufacturing and marketing confectionery products since last four decades offering the best quality confectioneries and it is country’s number 1 confectionery company with a dominant market share. It has been manufacturing international standard Wafers, Toffees, Candies, Bubble gum and Stick gum. It owns the most iconic confectionery brands of Nepal: Chocofun, Crave, Rasilo Candy, Fresho, Candyman etc., in its portfolio that has been favorite of millions for many years.