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"Crave" Nepal's first truly world-class candy manufactured using the state-of the art technology. It is a hard boiled confectionery manufactured using latest, deposited candy manufacturing technology. It was launched in2004.
Crave Premium candy was launched in Butter Scotch flavor. Consumer really enjoyed the perfect combination of real cream, butter and rich milk giving incomparable smoothness is bound to be mesmerized.
Due to the success of Butter Scotch, company wanted to carry on its popularity to the next level by developing new products in its portfolio . Therefore it had launched the Crave Premium Candy in yet another refreshing flavor "Crave Coffee"- the coffee flavor.
Crave Coffee candy is for everyone, especially for those who love coffee as it provides instant satisfaction of the coffee. The taste of refreshing coffee remains long after the candy is savored, keeping the taste buds wondering to know the secret of its rich taste of coffee. 
Crave Butter Scotch and Crave Coffee candies are available in all retail outlets across the county at the MRP of Rs 1 per unit.

‚ÄčAvailable SKU
8JARS  x 150PC