Sujal Foods Pvt Ltd - Nepal


The Manufacturing processes of Sujal Foods (P) Limited are carried out in the two manufacturing locations (Bijayapur Plant and Talchowk Plant at Pokhara, Nepal) with Specific product ranges.
The manufacturing activities are carried out under controlled conditions:
  • The product characteristics, specifications of material at various stages and acceptance criteria are unambiguously defined, documented and suitably compiled.
  • The critical activities bearing significant role in the output quality are executed following well- defined Work Instructions.
  • Suitable and necessary automated or semi-automated machinery & facilities are utilized.
  • Pre-defined sampling and test / inspection norms and schemes along with specific devices for monitoring / measurement are carried out.
  • Product Release is done on the basis of in-process checks, norms and controls.
The quality of output is controlled by suitable batch making, in-process sample testing, process monitoring to take care of the necessary