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Rasilo Candy - "Chatpata Swadilo, Pachaucha Sajilo"

Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd., a leading confectionery company of Nepal, has recently launched an advertising campaign for its popular candy Rasilo. It is a hard-boiled candy offering Chatpata taste along with the herbal benefits that aids in digestion. The product is very popular amongst kids and youth.  The campaign features celebrity actor Deepak Raj Giri in the lead role with the theme “Chatpata Swadilo, Pachaucha Sajilo”. The actor has been first time casted in a magician role bringing fun & happiness with his various magical tricks with the candy.

Rasilo Candy is the registered trademark of Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd. It has been manufactured using the world’s latest state-of-the-art technology, in extreme hygienic condition delivering standardized product every time. Rasilo candy lives with the reputation of its name and offers nothing but great taste. It has been manufactured using various salts, spices and herbs offering unique local taste of sweet and sour with the fun of candy that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere offering “Chat Pata” satisfaction. The product comes in air and moisture proof, metalized packaging with attractive earth color finishing that very much signifies its proposition of being functional and herbal at the same time. It is available in all retail outlets across the country at the MRP of Re. 1/- per unit.

The campaign comprises simple and beautiful television commercial that focuses the campaign theme Rasilo candy - “Chatpata Swadilo, Pachaucha Sajilo”. The advertisement starts with a scene from an ordinary birthday party, where everybody is waiting for something exciting to happen. This is when Deepak Raj Giri comes in with his delightful charm, dressed up as a magician. Mr. Giri performs magic with Rasilo Candy as his prop and in-tune with a catchy jingle they both weave their way into the heart of children and others alike. The magician brings together all the guests and explains spicy and tempting tastes of Rasilo and its functional values of digestion in dramatic form.
The commercial ends with Deepak Raj Giri summing up our theme with the phrase “TwakkaTukka” which means ultimate satisfaction of spicy taste and the crowed applauds with excitement expressing their happiness. This is how an ordinary party becomes special one with Rasilo candy. Same theme has been beautifully captured in print ad, Posters and Radio Jingle.
Sujal Foods Pvt. Ltd., a subsidiary of Laxmi Group, has been manufacturing and marketing confectionery products since last four decades offering the best quality confectioneries and it is country’s number 1 confectionery company with a dominant market share. Company has been manufacturing international standard Wafers, Toffees, Candies, Bubble gum and Stick gum. Company owns the most iconic confectionery brands of Nepal: Chocofun, Sujal gum, Sujal Eclairs, Candyman, Fresho and Lovebirds in its portfolio that has been favorite of millions for many years.
Sujal Foods is very confident that this delicious candy, Rasilo will definitely spice up your taste buds with its CHAT PATA taste and make your moment special.

Thanks & regards,
Marketing Department.